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One of the Czechoslovak parachutists trained in co-operation with SOE and Czechoslovak military intelligence officers, Otmar Riedl (Operation BENJAMIN). On his way to the airport in April 1941, Porchester Gate, London.

From left – Staff Captain Jaroslav Šustr – in front of Major Palecek, Head of Special Group D, Sergeant Major Otmar Riedl, Captain Alfgar Hesketh – Prichard (SOE) and a British driver Nancy. By mistake Otmar Riedl was dropped over Yugoslavian territory, but he attempted to enter the Protectorate. He was arrested in Austria but luckily, his colleagues in the Protectorate confirmed his covering story as an employee of the Bat?a Company returning home. One of the few men of the so-called First Wave of Operations, who survived to see the end of the war.